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  • A beautifully designed and user-friendly website to plan your own funeral…and it’s FREE: www.mywonderfullife.com
  • “If you’re planning to put an aging parent into a nursing home, you might be surprised at how many make pre-planned funerals mandatory as part of their acceptance of a new client.” – From the blog of Gail Vaz-Oxlade of ‘Till Debt Do Us Part
  • Read these stories from the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s news page to see how nurses, doctors, residents, and families are identifying the need for a service like REMEMBER NETWORK in the homes where they work, live and visit. “For many residents, this approach represents closure and eases the grieving process, because many residents are unable to attend funerals” (OLTCA, The Morning Report, 2008) and “New Policy for When Residents Die Met With Praise from Residents, Families” (OLTCA, The Morning Report, 2009)
  • Practices that support the families and staff of residents who have died in long term care, from Innovations in End-of-Life Care: An International Journal of Leaders in End-of-Life Care.
  • Link to Canada Revenue Agency’s What to do When Someone Has Died, which provides helpful tips and forms on such topics as: cancelling government benefits the deceased may have been receiving prior to the death, applying for survivor’s benefits, and what you need to know when filing the deceased’s final tax return.
  • For celebration of life services in the Montreal region, please contact 514-695-7979 or visit www.voluntas.ca

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